Interfaith Resources for Chaplains

Many of our products were suggested by chaplains and others who serve in interfaith communities.

We have the references you need in small, easy to carry books. Our products have been praised for projecting an image of compassion, empathy and understanding to everyone they encounter.

Our Interfaith Chaplain Stole is a prime example. Like out others, it is designed to be professional, while also adorned with symbols that are inclusive of all major faith traditions commonly found in the United States. Wearing our stoles will give you both the authority and gravitas needed to perform your role, as well as the sense of neutrality important in interfaith settings. We hope our stoles will help you build trust and convey the image you need to succeed in your work.

In addition to the stoles, we offer a wide range of Jewelry and Accessories in both gold and silver that are suitable for both men and women. They come in an array of sizes, styles and colors.





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