Meet the Team

Karen Saint Rain

Karen Saint Rain is President of the Interfaith Resources division at Special Ideas. She coordinates the site, outreach and acts as project coordinator.

Justice Saint Rain

Justice Saint Rain is both an artist and author. He has written five best-selling books and created hundreds of designs for thousands of products.

Bonnie Gordon-Lucas is a book illustrator, visual communicator and fabric painter. Her style is imaginative and whimsical and a sampling can be seen on her site.

Joe Paczkowski is a graphic artist currently living in Finland. He designs exhibition stands for trade fairs, logos and displays. He has created a wide array of designs for other products.

Sara Hatch is a life-long artist best known for colorful dancing angels. Currently she lives in Indianapolis and her art is available at the By Hand Gallery in Bloomington Indiana.

Cindy Pacileo studied art at Mount Saint Joseph University and currently lives in North Carolina. She is currently selling “Little Guys”, a line of handmade miniature animal sculptures available in craft galleries all over the USA.

Jeffrey Strieff is a pioneer and artist, currently living in Georgia. He is best known for his paintings of praying children and Golden Rule Art.

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