About our Logo

Before we opened Interfaith Resources for business, Justice Saint Rain designed our company logo as a visual expression of our goal of bringing people of all faiths together in harmony. The Interfaith Design’s symbols represent six major world religions, and the overlapping circles reflect their interconnectedness. It is a symbol of respect and tranquility for all.

When you wear or display the design, you help make people of all backgrounds feel welcomed and valued. It bridges divides and celebrates the tapestry of beliefs that enrich our world.

We are happy that so many of you also love it – perhaps a little too much. A few organizations have copied it with little variation and have been using it for their groups. Please note that, as our company logo, it is trademarked by our parent company Special Ideas, and can’t really be authorized for use by any other organization.

What you and others CAN do is use any of the products we have produced that incorporate various versions of this logo. There are dozens of them (click here to see them all), and if you find that you need something we don’t currently carry, we welcome suggestions for new products. Many of our products were designed at the request of the people we serve.

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