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We are maintaining the highest standards of sanitation, but staying open. If you order from our private small company,  only one person will have touched the items in your order. Currently we are prioritizing prayer books to hospitals and retirement homes. Many of these groups are on lock down. Residents and patients can be lonely when visitors, family and even chaplains are not allowed in. The receptionists in these locations are telling us they are under great stress.  Many find it helpful to have something to give both those inside and those disappointed to be turned away.

We are here to serve you in your service to others.  Let us know how we can help.


Interfaith Resources is here to serve you. We sell to both individuals and interfaith groups. Our most loyal customers are hospitals, hospices, chaplains, colleges and non-profit groups. We strive to provide you the service and the products you need at a price you can afford to pay.

We specialize in publishing comforting interfaith booklets suitable for use in Hospital Chapels, and by Chaplains and Hospice workers. Our booklets can be found in hospital waiting rooms across the country.

We also carry a wide range of items with the Interfaith logo to create a welcoming atmosphere in your chapel or at your event.

One of the most fun things we do is provide you with all the great things you need to throw a welcoming event. We are also happy to provide you with gifts and those things you might like for yourself.