Interfaith Resources Book of Comfort and Healing – Prayers and Inspiration from Many Faiths – Original Edition

Perfect for Hospital Chapels and waiting rooms, and bulk-priced for giving away, the Book of Comfort and Healing contains a well-chosen selection of prayers and quotations about healing, drawn from the wisdom of ten different faiths. Designed for use by hospitals, chaplains, therapists and senior care facilities.

5 x 7″ – 64 page booklets

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Perfect for Hospital Chapels and waiting rooms and loved by chaplains, therapists and senior care facilities.

If you work with people who are struggling with difficulties related to physical or mental health, then you will find this booklet incredibly helpful in your practice.  The interfaith approach of this book gives almost everyone who reads it an entry-point from which to receive guidance and insights. The well-chosen selection of prayers and quotations addresses a wide range of needs and concerns from a variety of perspectives.

When made available in a waiting room, it can calm and comfort patients and prepare them to hear whatever information you have to share with them. During consultation or counseling, it can act as a focal point for exploring difficult issues. After a visit, or when left in chapels or lounges, it can comfort and support patients, family and friends in your absence.

The 210 prayers and quotations come from Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism and the Bahá’í Faith, with a few quotations from Zoroastrianism, Taoism, and Sufism, plus a few “Interfaith” selections as well. The booklet itself is designed to be attractive, easy to carry, and, most important, affordable, with case pricing available. It is 4.75×7″ and 64 pages long with a full-color cover and dark blue text.

Click on Table of Contents tab to see the Table of Contents. Each topic of quotations is followed by a related selection of prayers.

Over 50,000 have been sold to over 80 hospitals in 40 states. Hospitals that have purchased by the case have found them so effective that they have ordered additional cases. (One hospital ordered over 1,300 in one year).

This is the give-away edition. If you are looking for something a little nicer to give to a friend or to leave on your bookshelf for reference, consider choosing our GIFT EDITION instead.

This booklet coordinates with our Meditations on the Life to Come booklet, for people who are approaching the next stage in life’s journey.

Note: If you represent a hospital or other institution and would like to receive a sample copy or receive a PDF file of the contents for review purposes, please contact us. If you have purchased one in the past, we would be grateful if you left a review.

Note, we ship cases by Media Mail. If you are in a hurry, please choose Priority Mail instead of Flat Rate. Media Mail to most of the country is 7-10 days, but to AK & HI it is 30 days.


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5 x 7' – 64 page booklet

Table of Contents

God Can Help Us
Prayers for Assistance
God Loves Us
Prayers for Those We Love
God Guides Us
Prayers for Guidance
God Forgives Us
Prayers for Forgiveness
God Protects Us
Prayers for Protection
God Heals Us
Prayers for Healing God
Tests Us
Prayers for Assistance with Tests
God Fills Us with Spirit
God Calls Us Home
Prayers for the Departed
God Comforts Us
Prayers for Serenity

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  1. Rev. Joe Holguin, MDiv

    “Every day I visit men, women, and children who are in need of comfort and healing. The title of this interfaith piece, “Book of Comfort & Healing,” is readily accepted by the patients and families I attend to as a chaplain. The prayers and inspiration from several faiths enhance my ministry and enable me to bring comfort and healing to others here at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center/Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach. “This is just what I was looking for,” and ” This will help me a great deal,” are just a couple of comments I have heard from some patients. Thank you.”

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  2. Nora

    08/20/2014, 03:20 PM
    “I have suffered from a genetic illness since my birth 55 years ago. I have beaten countless odds and made liars of many people who predicted my passing, including members of the medical profession.

    But clearly God has a plan for me and I keep bouncing back. Recently I was guided to your booklet of prayers and inspirations from many faiths. It has become one more of the bounties and bestowals God showers on me. I have been reading it, sometimes with joy and laughter and sometimes with tears and a breaking heart but always I am comforted and inspired. And renewed, strengthened in my faith. Magnified in my love of God. Lead, encouraged and confirmed on my path and in His plan.

    Thank you. For helping me to keep lifting my eyes, turning my face towards God, singing His Glories and for being among the ranks of those with whom He assists.”

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  3. Rev Cindy Wilcox Chaplain

    This came in as an e-mail during the Covid-19 outbreak:
    Words are insufficient to express how grateful we are for the interfaith book of Comfort and Healing!
    We at the hospital now have a designated prayer space in our cafeteria and people are sitting and praying alone and together- using your book as a guide!
    God bless !

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  4. Barbara M.

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  5. Brent Wright

    We put copies of this book in our hospital chapel as a free offering. I was thrilled to discover this book. Prior to this, we didn’t have any interreligious materials, and this resource is perfect for our setting. They are consistently being picked up; I’m happy that they are finding their way into our community!

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