Will you help us promote Interfaith Fellowship?

Our goal here at Interfaith Resources is to create innovative products to help YOU promote interfaith fellowship as you serve a spiritually diverse community. In a world that is being torn apart by religious differences, we strive to forge connections and increase understanding. We sincerely believe in the importance of what we do, and we hope that you do to.  If you do, then we would like to ask for your help.

Here are seven simple ways that you can help US serve the world even more effectively – ways that don’t cost you a dime.

  1. Tell people about us. As you interact with like-minded people, let them know that this resource exists.
  2. Post a review of one of our products. If you like something you purchased from us, let people know why. As a thank-you, when we see a review from you, we will issue a custom $1 coupon just for you. It may take a day or so for us to see it, but it will appear in your account, and there is no limit to the number you can receive.
  3. Send us a picture of your organization using one of our products – perhaps a picture of your chapel with our books and/or flags on display, or a literature table where you give out our stickers, or your group wearing our T-shirts, buttons or lapel pins. We will give you a $5 coupon for a picture.
  4. Google one of our products and click on the link to our site. Believe it or not, just doing that can increase our visibility when other people search for similar products.
  5. Put a link to our site or one of our products on your organization’s website. Google looks for cross-links to decide how popular and useful a site is, and moves us up on their search page accordingly.
  6. Like us on FaceBook, and like our posts when you see them. Both Google and FaceBook pay attention to these things and will distribute our posts more widely if they are liked.
  7. Send us a suggestion. Many of our most useful products were originally ideas sent to us by customers just like you. We also welcome comments on our website, typos, confusing copy, etc. We are here to serve YOU. Let us know how we can do so.

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