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Credit for Reviews

Many customers call and tell us how they liked a product. Often they do this when they call to reorder. That makes use feel really good and we do appreciate that.

But we also kinda want written reviews on the website so other people can see what you had to say.  We realize this isn’t super easy for you. You have to remember what you bought, think about what to say, go back to the website at https:interfaithresources, find the product you want to review. login in, click on the review tab and finally . . . . write the review.

If you go to all that trouble for us, w want to reward you. So we are going to try giving you a 1$ coupon for each product review you write.

It won’t appear immediately, I’ll have to see the review (and I’ll try to check daily) and then I’ll make a coupon just for your username that you will see on the checkout page.

And if you email me a photograph of you or your organization using our products that I can put on the webpage – I’ll make a coupon for $10 that can be used on any order.

And if you don’t do any of these things, know that we still value and love all our supporters. Keep the suggestions coming because we work for you.


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