Recently we have been thinking about how so many people do their best and are not fully appreciated to the level they really deserve. We will be working on t-shirts, coffee mugs and other items that let you show someone that you see them, that you see the virtues they bring to the table and

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Products Updates

We have an interfaith children’s prayer book almost ready to go to print. It contains simple, common prayers from 10 different faith communities. It will be small, inexpensive and is designed to be purchased in bulk and given away. Here is a picture of the cover.

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Interfaith Calendar

This month we began working on a 1-page, 2 year Interfaith Wall Calendar. If you want a preview, or to make sure your best holidays are included, please let us know. Also, if you want to stay in touch about other projects, use the form on the footer.

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Earthquake Relief Effort

Dear friends, As we all know, the recent earthquake in Turkey has left many families homeless and struggling to survive in the harsh winter conditions. So many people have lost their homes. I woke this morning in my warm bed thinking about how so many others are spending a freezing night in their car because

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Interfaith Rings

Interfaith Rings

This multi-faith adjustable wrap-around ring includes the religious symbols of eight major religions – Christianity, Judaism,  Buddhism, Sikh, Hinduism, Islam, Baha’i Faith and Taoism. Anyone who believes in interfaith fellowship will find this ring to be an excellent and elegant conversation piece. With both the cross and the Baha’i star featured prominently on either end, anyone who

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