Temporary Tattoo Assortment

24 temporary tattoo assortment pack

Unlike the ones they get in cereal boxes, or in candy bars, these temporary tattoos present a positive message that parents will be happy to have their kids wearing.

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24 pack Temporary tattoo assortment pack

Kids love to decorate themselves with stickers, face paint and temporary tattoos. Temporary Tattoos are cooler than stickers and take a whole lot less work and time than face painting.

We offer a small temporary tattoo assortment with positive messages so your kids can satisfy their desire to “dress up” while you can feel comfortable about the signals they are sending.

Available in packs of one, five or 20 sheets of 24 tattoos, they cost as little as 4.2 cents each. The bigger assortment packs allow kids to express their individuality at parties and festivals by picking the design they like best. Each sheet is scored vertically to make it easier to separate them. You can break off sections of six tattoos at a time as gifts, cut them into strips of four*, or cut them apart individually to be applied right on the spot.

If you take a blade or scissors and cut them horizontally, you can give each child an assortment of four designs on assorted themes. If you pull them apart at the score vertically, you end up with strips of three each of two designs on related themes: Virtues, World Peace/Citizenship, Diversity, and Race Unity. This allows you to choose sub-sets for specific activities.

Each sheet is 6×9″, and each tattoo is  1.5″. One sheet gets you 24 tattoos. Five gets you 120, and twenty sheets gets you 480 tattoos. The eight designs included are the seven we sell individually – No Room for Prejudice, Unity in Diversity, World Citizen, Brave Dragon, WeR1 Family, Rainbow Peace Dove, and Bee Kind, plus one classic, The United Doves.

Each order comes with one set of instructions, which are really easy: To apply, just remove the plastic top sheet, place the tattoo on your skin and press against the back of the tattoo with a damp paper towel, sponge, or damp square of toilet paper for 30 seconds, and voíla! A beauty mark with a message! Remove by gently rubbing with alcohol or baby oil.

*If you are giving these out rather than applying them yourself, I recommend slicing the sheets into six sets of four. A pack of five sheets would give you 30 strips of four. These small gifts are perfect for Halloween, children’s classes, or festivals that are too busy for applying them one-at-a-time. But these do NOT have instructions printed on the back the way the individual tattoos do, so I’ve created an option of buying a sheet of 30 instruction stickers you can place on the back of each strip of four. (See photo).

Note: These assortment sheets have been redesigned to look better on dark skin than our individual tattoos, but just like a real tattoo, they will show up better on lighter skin. They all have a translucent white background to help them stand out. When purchased separately, the three designs that look best on darker skin are the Rainbow Dove, the People & Hearts, and the World Citizen designs. Our WeR1 Family tattoo, when sold separately here, is not  recommended for dark skin, but this assortment version, which is smaller, has better white behind it.

Weight.02 lbs

12 temporary tattoos, 60 pack, 600 pack, 1 sheet – 24 tattoos, 5 sheets – 120 tattoos, 20 sheets – 480 tattoos, 5 sheets or 120 tattoos and instructions stickers






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Just remove the plastic top sheet, place the tattoo on your skin and press against the back of the tattoo with a damp paper towel or sponge* for 30 seconds, and voíla! A beauty mark with a message!

Temporary tattoos can last up to a week – even through showers and swimming – or they can be easily removed with alcohol or baby oil and a little rubbing.

*Here is a simple way to avoid spreading germs when you are applying tattoos to lots of kids in a row, like at a fair: Bring a roll of Charmin Ultra toilet paper.             Tear off one square, fold in half each direction, squirt or spray with water, then press it against the back of the tattoo for 30 seconds. Throw away backing and toilet paper.

By the way, take advantage of the 30 second application time to really connect with each child and make them feel special.             It may mean more to them than the tattoo.

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