Virtues Word Search T-shirt

A tongue-in-cheek virtues word-search T-shirt that is a game, a conversation starter, virtues education and a shirt all in one.

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Here is a tongue-in-cheek virtues T-shirt that encourages people to look for the good within themselves and others. It was inspired by those silly FaceBook posts that say “The first word you see describes you” (or describes the year you will have, etc.)

The words that most people will see will be “loving” and “friendly.” This will make the reader feel good, but then at the bottom, the shirt claims the other 27 virtues for the wearer. That will make people laugh. Then comes the fun of trying to find all of the other hidden words.

It was designed mostly for kids who are old enough to read (it doesn’t come in XS) but can be a fun conversation-starter for any age.

The shirt comes with a card that lists all 28 virtues you can find. Here they are, in case you want to search for yourself: active brave confident courteous creative dependable energetic forgiving friendly generous happy helpful intuitive joyful just kind loving loyal optimistic patient playful respectful sincere strong thankful truthful wise wonderful

The words are pale blue, and are printed on black or royal for kids, with sapphire as a third option for adults.

As a reference, my model is a 60-pound 8-year-old. The black T-shirt is a kid’s M 10-12, and the blue is a kid’s S 6-8. The Sapphire shirt is an Adult Medium. This will give you an idea of how much of the shirt the design fills.

Weight .5 lbs

Kids 2-4, kids 6-8, kids 10-12, kids 14-16, adult S, adult M, adult L, adult XL, adult XXL, adult XXXL


Black, Royal Blue, Sapphire




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