Bee Kind – Children’s Book

This Bee-utiful little book teaches kids twenty-one simple ways to show kindness and practice love, written as “I” statements.. 24pg

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Kindness is a popular virtue to talk about these days, with memes and posters and slogans all encouraging us to practice “random acts of kindness” and to be both “human” and “kind.” But explaining what that actually looks like to a child might not be so easy.

This Bee-utiful little book can help, with twenty-one simple ways to show kindness and practice love, written as “I” statements. These can be great jumping-off places to talk about what happened today, and how kindness was a part of it.

For example: “I include everyone.” “I share with a kind and generous heart.” “I help out.” “I have fun trying new things.” “I make new friends.” “I spread laughter and joy.” What wonderful things to talk about with your child!

Each of these simple ideas is illustrated with a beehive full of happy little bees – working together, visiting flowers and helping out.  This makes it a great gift to combine with a kids-sized “When you can’t SEE the Sunshine, BE the sunshine” T-shirt.

It is virtue-focused rather than religious, so it is a great gift for schools, daycares and libraries, as well as any family with young children.

It is 24 pages plus cover. It is has a stapled binding, so it lays flat for reading, but it looks like it is perfect bound. It is 5.5×5.5 square. Illustrations by Elaheh Bos.

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