I AM – Affirmations for a New Generation

Fourteen short kid-friendly “I AM” affirmations, followed by mini-poems that elaborate the qualities being affirmed. Beautifully Illustrated by Elaheh Bos.

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I AM – a strong believer in the power of affirmations. I write about them in my books, and I create things like Character Coins, Adult Affirmation Comfort Coins, Cuddlebunny Comfort Coins and Virtue Affirmation Coloring Books.  Affirmations help generate positive self-talk that encourages healthy behavior and emotional resilience.

So you will not be surprised to learn that I love this little booklet and its affirmations for children.

It offers fourteen short “I AM” affirmations, followed by little mini-poems that elaborate on the qualities being affirmed. Some are free-verse, while others have a sing-song rhyme to make them easier to remember. For example:

The kind of smart that innovates, demonstrates and elevates
I build, I make, and I create.
I am smart, and I am here to do my part.

Other affirmations include: I am beautiful, I am free, I am strong, I am a hero, I am grateful, I am unique, I am capable, I am loved, I am patient, and several more.

The illustrations by Elaheh Bos beautifully illustrate the diversity of humanity. Most children will see themselves represented in one of the sixteen children pictured.

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