Brave Honest & Kind Dragon Temporary Tattoo

Kids love dragons and tattoos so this temporary tattoo is sure to be popular, while promoting courage, honesty and kindness.

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Kids love dragons. This dragon tattoo, inspired by our Courage Is Needed Dragon T-shirt, promotes courage, honesty and kindness.

Kids love tattoos too, and they are faster and easier to do than face painting.

To apply, just remove the plastic top sheet, place the tattoo on your skin and press against the back of the tattoo with a damp paper towel, sponge, or damp square of toilet paper for 30 seconds, and voíla! A beauty mark with a message! Air dry and it is good for hours or until bath time. To remove, rub gently with baby oil or alcohol.

This is a 100 pack. They are also included in our temporary tattoo assortment.

Note: Just like a real tattoo, these show up better on lighter skin. The three that look best on darker skin are the Rainbow Dove, the People & Hearts, and the World Citizen designs.

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