Multifaith Calendars

Dear Friends! 
I forgot to remind you all about the beautiful 2021 Multifaith Calendar. Consequently, I have more left than I expected.
That means I’m putting them on sale for 10% off for the next week (while supplies last).

This Year’s Multifaith Calendar is Lovely. 
Both beautiful and educational, the popular Multifaith Calendar carries you through a year of celebration, remembrance and reverence by highlighting the holidays and holy days of 14 different major religions. In addition to listing each special day on the calendar day itself, the publishers have added brief descriptions of each day along the left side of the calendar, organized by religion.

Interfaith Prayer Book / Comfort & Healing Set
Interfaith Prayer Book / Comfort & Healing Set

It is the beginning of a new year, which means that many organizations will be putting together their budgets for the coming year. I encourage you to consider allocating some funds for a case or two of our Book of Comfort and Healing and/or the Interfaith Prayer Book.
Organizations that have used them are finding them invaluable, and are reordering in bulk.

CuddleBunny & Coins

It occurred to me that I had never shared information with you about our CuddleBunny. I think of it as something parents will want to help their children learn how to deal with stressful emotions. But many of you are in situation where you are trying to comfort children who are either sick themselves, or are witnessing illnesses in their parents or grandparents. This is very stressful for them.  CuddleBunnies can help. If you ever work with children, please click the link to learn more.

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