Every Child is a Brilliant Star Stickers

Every child is a Brilliant Star stickers help kids feel good about themselves.

Each sticker is 2 1/2 in diameter.

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SKU: ST-207

Every child is a brilliant star stickers are bright and colorful. When you use them, you also spread an important message. We are reminded that all children have a unique potential to shine brightly. We are also reminded that every child deserves to be valued. Every child has gifts to be nurtured. When those gifts are nurtured, every child shines brightly.

We’ve made them our lowest-cost stickers, yet they are large and full-color. The stickers come in rolls of 100 or 1000.

Bright colors and the universal theme have made this our second-most-popular sticker. Use them at any child-friendly event or activity. Many people hand out Brilliant Star stickers at family festivals and children’s events. When pre-cut, the stickers slide off the hand easily so they can handed out quickly at parades and in other crowded settings.

Use several Brilliant Star items when planning a coordinated event.

Brilliant star products designs to hand out include brilliant star buttons, magnets and pocket mirrors.


100 stickers, 500 stickers


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