9-Pointed Star “Stained Glass” Window Decals

Turn every window into a stained glass work of art with these nine-pointed star electrostatic window decals.

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Turn every window into a stained glass work of art with these nine-pointed star electrostatic window decals. They stick using static electricity, so they are completely removable. They come in seven colors and sizes ranging from 1.2″ to 4″. You get two 8×11″ sheets totaling 32 stars – enough to create colorful constellations on a large window, or get the 10-pack for 160 stars – enough to share or to add color to several rooms in your home.

When the sun shines through these stickers and casts rainbows of color across the room, it creates a magical space. Children’s rooms, meditations rooms, kitchen windows, Baha’i Centers, they all come to life with a little color.  They are colorful enough to make rainbows, but so transparent that they don’t block the view. In fact, they are transparent enough you can even put them around the edges of your windshield and still see through them.* Then you can drive through rainbows every day.

Put them on glass doors so people don’t accidentally walk into them. They can also go around the edge of mirrors and other smooth surfaces.

Kids also learn about color mixing when they overlap the primary-colored stars to make new colors. It can be an educational family project.

Even though they use static electricity to stick to your window, they stick well enough to be placed on the outside of the window. When used this way, they can help prevent bird collisions and save bird lives. The color might not last as long when used outside, but they are easy to replace if they fade.

Note: Clean windows before applying decals. You can even leave the window wet before adding them. It will make it easier to reposition them and to rub the bubbles out.

2 sheets = 32 stars
10 sheets = 160 stars

*Put them behind the areas where your windshield wipers DON’T clean to make sure you don’t reduce visibility. They can help reduce glare from behind the rear-view mirror.

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2 Sheets, 10 Sheets


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