quintessence card game

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quintessence card game
quintessence card game

Even in the era of video games, everyone still plays cards. If you have a lobby or other room open the public, you probably have a deck of cards laying around. They give people something to do and an excuse to interact. Playing card games is so important to our culture, that almost everyone has the rules for several card games memorized.

If you don’t have a deck of cards, you need one. You need this this one. You need the quintessence deck of cards.

Though they are arranged just like a regular deck of cards, with four suits and 13 cards each, instead of Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades, the suits are called Head, Heart, Hand and Will. Each of the numbered cards has an image presenting a positive social issue, like equality of women and men, or world citizenship. The J, Q & K cards are for Joy, Quintessence and Kindness.  Playing cards with all of these positive messages in front of you changes the tone of interaction, and makes these positive ideas part of a person’s daily activities.

Quintessence mean the most perfect example. These cards were designed to emphasize the most perfect aspects of good character. Even as you use them to play ‘Go Fish’, you will be encouraged to think of ways to improve the world. This is a message you want to encourage. Isn’t this a vast improvement over that free deck you got from an airline?

This week you can have them for 20% off.

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