Interfaith Stickers

Stickers are incredible useful and versatile. They have also been popular with children who will put them anywhere. Adults and students love them as well and will put them on notebooks and bags.

Most of our stickers come on long rolls. For parades and other crowded events, but them apart before the event. Hold a stack in your hand and slide them off the top with your thumb. The slippery backing paper makes using them this way fast and easy.

  • SKU: st-207
    Every child is a Brilliant Star stickers are our lowest-cost stickers, yet they are large and full-color. The stickers come in rolls of 100 or 1000. Each sticker is 2 1/4 in diameter.
  • SKU: st-8N
    No room in my heart for prejudice stickers come in rolls of 100 or 1000. Each sticker is 2 1/4" in diameter.
  • SKU: stnt-if
    Peace Be With You Interfaith name tags will be useful for any event that is open to the public - including weekly devotions, study circles, pot lucks, Holy Days, parties, celebrations, and any events co-sponsored with another group or religion. The interfaith symbols across the bottom tell your guests that everyone is truly welcome. The phrase "Peace Be With You" across the top is a universal greeting that is both reverent and celebratory at the same time.
  • SKU: st-if
    The words Peace be with you is a universal spiritual greeting that helps open the heart to the subtle message of the interlocking religious symbols. By the time they realize that the Cross is in the same circle as the Star & Crescent, the thought -be at peace- is already whispering in their subconscious. Full color, 2 ½" with a glossy UV coating.
  • SKU: st-252
    Virtue Star Stickers are three sheets of 24 1.6-inch stickers give you 72 colorful stars proclaiming 52 different child-oriented virtues listed in alphabetical order.
  • SKU: st-66
    We are one Family stickers are bright and colorful - the perfect way to spread love and unity at your family-friendly event. In rolls of 100 or 1000.
  • World Citizen Stickers

    SKU: st-21
    World Citizen stickers are simple and classy. They come in rolls of 100 or 1000. The stickers are 2 1/4 inches in diameter.

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