Stylist Garden & Salon Flag

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Stylists are the everyman’s therapist. They are there to help us look and feel good, while listening to our stories. If your stylist is Positive, Playful, Skillful, Friendly, Focused and Creative, then Bless them with this encouraging flag. They can hang it in their garden, on their door, or in the salon stall where they work. It will brighten the mood of everyone who they work with.

Imagine leaving them a flag as a tip! It would make their day. This design is also available as a T-shirt.

The flags come in two sizes and are printed on both sides with a black liner to keep the words from showing through to the other side. They are custom printed after you order them and are shipped directly from the printer, so you will see two shipping charges if you order something else at the same time.

They have a hem at the top so you can hang them on a flag pole or dowel rod (not included). The  garden/door flag hangs nicely from a plastic hanger. Just cut the horizontal piece in from the edge where you won’t see it. Slide the flag on, then tape the piece back together. For extra flair, wrap it in ribbon.

Made with lightweight yet highly durable poly poplin-canvas fabric, these banners come in two sizes (12” × 18” and 24.5” × 32”) and feature a top sleeve for easy placement on poles. The design is printed in crisp detail and color on both sides of the flag.

.: 100% Poly poplin-canvas fabric
.: Two sizes (12” × 18” and 24.5” × 32”)
.: Same design printed on both sides, flag flipped over long edge
.: Black inside lining
.: Features sleeve at top
.: Pole, hooks, or fasteners are not included



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