Sterling Silver and Black Adjustable Interfaith Ring

Adjustable sterling silver and black multi-faith ring with 8 religious symbols representing interfaith fellowship.

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Adjustable Sterling silver and black multi-faith ring with 8 religious symbols representing interfaith fellowship.

With one glance, people can see that the ring includes the Christian cross, but also the Jewish star, the Baha’i star and the Islamic crescent and moon. That is enough to spark the interest of any like-minded soul. On closer inspection, they will discover symbols for Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism and the Sikh faith – all beautifully highlighted against an oxidized silver background.

If you are a chaplain or work with people from diverse backgrounds, this is a subtle way to let them know that you are open to serving people of all faiths.

In addition to being a beautiful piece of jewelry and an attractive conversation piece, you can use it as a constant reminder of your connection to the Universal Spirit of all religions. Spin it on your finger when you are worried. Rub it as you pray.

Each ring starts out a size 9, then the wrap-around design allows you to adjust it to any adult ring size with just a little effort. Once sized, it is strong enough to keep its size well. You can wear it every day or save it for special occasions.

The gold rings are cast from .925 silver and is then plated in 22k gold. They call this vermeil. Since it is gold plated, the gold will eventually wear off, leaving a warm silver ring. How long the gold lasts depends on your skin chemistry and how often you wear it. For most people, it will last for years.

If you need something to show that you respect all religions, but don’t wear rings, check out all of our other interfaith jewelry here.  We have multi-faith pendants, lapel pins, lanyards and more.


Weight.2 lbs
Dimensions1.75 × 1.75 × 1.4 in


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