In Our Home We… Positive Message Yard Sign Cover

This 2-sided fabric yard sign cover can make your entire neighborhood feel more welcoming and create a new social norm. It makes a bigger difference than you think.

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Shift the social norm in your neighborhood by making positive statements in a public way.  One sign can make people think everyone around them feels the same way that you do. This subtle peer pressure can influence their attitudes. It makes a bigger difference than you think.

This TWO-SIDED In Our Home yard sign cover presents a positive stance on a whole range of issues, both social and spiritual. One side focuses mostly on social issues, like Welcoming All Races and Promoting Women’s Rights. The other adds some religious/spiritual ideas to the mix, like Follow the Golden Rule and Find Truth in Every Religion. Some of these ideas are widely accepted, while others are ideas that people might not have thought about before.   Seeing Strive to Be Kind, for example, will make many people smile, while See Service as Worship will make them stop and think. It is a great combination.

This two-sided fabric banner is designed to either slide over a standard yard sign or sign frame, or hang from a curtain rod in your window.  You can post your yard sign perpendicular to the road so that people can see both sides, depending on their direction, or you can choose one of the messages to face outward. Switching which side faces every out regularly might make people wonder if they are imagining the difference and study it even more closely.

Obviously, the relatively small type makes this a “walk by” sign rather than a “drive by” sign. If your neighborhood does not encourage people to walk, or at least drive very slowly, then this might not be the best choice for you. I have another yard sign that would work better.

The cover is designed like a pillowcase. Just slide it over an old yard sign or sign frame, and use a safety pin at the bottom to hold it in place.

For people without yards, it also has a gap in the side seams so that you can slide a dowel rod or curtain rod through the top and hang it in your window or fly it like a flag.

Iron it on the polyester setting before using.

The size is 25″ wide by 22″ tall to fit a standard 24″ wire frame, or to slide over an existing 24×20 yard sign, such as a “Yard Sale” or “For Rent” sign. (You may have one in your garage right now.) It is printed on 100D polyester. It is designed for outdoor use, but all colors will fade in the sun eventually.

SIGN FRAME IS NOT INCLUDED. You can buy both metal frames and blank signs with stands at most hardware stores. Here are links to blank signs at Lowes or Menards and a link to a sign with a metal frame at Home Depot. Most other hardware stores will also have them. If you buy a blank sign on an H wire stand, the flag will slide over the top and the sign will keep the light from shining through from the back. If you buy an actual metal frame, it will be more expensive, but much more sturdy and last longer. Don’t get the kind with 1/2″ channels that professional realtors use, or the sign won’t slide over it. Instead, get the kind I linked to at Home Depot. This kind of frame often comes with a sign in place, but if it doesn’t, slide a black trash bag over the frame first to keep the back design from showing through when the sun is behind it. Trim the bag to 22″.

For a free yard sign, contact your local political party office and ask if they have any of last-year’s yard signs laying around. Put a trash bag over it, then this sign over the trash bag and nothing will show through.

Why a fabric sign instead of corrugated plastic? Because I can ship this 1st class anywhere in the world for a fraction of what it would cost to send a rigid sign. In many cases, you would spend much more for the shipping than the sign. Shipping for a rigid metal frame would be even more.



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