9-Pointed Star Craft & Decorating Stickers

93 Nine-Pointed Star Stickers in assorted sizes and colors. Gold vinyl, holographic sparkle vinyl, and colorable white paper stickers ranging in size from .5″ to 4.5″ – perfect for crafts and decorating projects.

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SKU: ST-93

Wow! If you like to decorate with 9-pointed stars, this collection of star stickers in assorted sizes and colors will nock your socks off. It includes a sheet of gold foil, a sheet of holographic sparkle and a sheet of colorable white paper star stickers. Each sheet includes 31 stars and 18 diamond flairs for a total of 93 stars and 54 diamond flairs.

Mix and match them to decorate craft projects, wrapping paper, laptops and phones, water bottles, notebooks, computers, filing cabinets, even your bedroom wall. The possibilities are endless. The stars come in a wide range of sizes, and the holographic sparkle stars come in a variety of color on the same sheet. Each sheet is 8×10″ and the stars range in size from .5″ to 4.5″.

The gold and holographic sparkle stickers are vinyl, while the white is paper for coloring your own patterns and designs using crayon or markers.  The larger stars that are open in the middle (12 of the 93) are a little tricky to handle, so expect to provide some adult supervision, or have kids work with the smaller stars.

The trick to lifting the vinyl stars off the backing paper and placing them exactly where you want them is to use a small piece of “Magic Transparent Tape” to lift two points of the star (lifting two points at a time reduces the chance of tearing at the inner angle). Then the star won’t be stuck to your finger and you can place the bottom points exactly where you want the star to go and slowly lay the rest of the star down without distorting it, smoothing it from the bottom (see pictures).

Please note that these are stickers. They stick to things, and will be more stuck the longer you leave them. Only let kids put them on things that are appropriate. They are not designed for use on cars.

3 sheets = 93 Stars + Flairs

Pack Size

3 Sheets, 15 Sheets


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