Interfaith T-shirts

Everyone owns and wears t-shirts at least some of the time. This makes them one of the most popular items we offer.

Purchase one for yourself, or purchase a dozen in larger sizes so that your people can wear them over their own clothes when working with your group.

SIZING:  These are standard men’s T-shirts, made by Hanes or Gildan, which you can find in many department and craft stores. Adult sizes, in chest circumference, in inches, are:

S (34-36″)  M (38-40″)  L (42-44″)  XL (46-48″)  XXL (50-52″)

Children’s sizes are given in ages, but I’ll give you the chest size as well.  In general, children are much bigger than you think, so if you are not sure, order up a size.  The sizes also vary more by brand/color.  The royal blue runs smaller than the black – especially in size small.

XS (2-4, 25-27″)  S (6-8, 26-31″)  M (10-12, 31-33″)  L (14-16, 34-36″)

    May I tell you that you're Wonderful? A shirt to inspire positive human interaction.
  • SKU: TS-GR
    A great way to start conversations about common themes in all the great religions. It includes the symbols for the Baha'i Faith, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism wrapped around the words "The Golden Rule."
  • Be the Sunshine T-Shirt

    SKU: TS-SUN-1
    When you can't SEE the Sunshine, BE the Sunshine. This uplifting message will brighten the day of everyone who sees it.
    This creative design lets the world know that you are striving to construct a prejudice-free world, starting with yourself.
  • SKU: TS-IF4
    This elegant design in metallic gold and silver graphically illustrates the interconnectedness of the world's major religions. It includes the symbols for the Baha'i Faith, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism.
  • SKU: ts-8
    Few anti-prejudice T-shirts make as clear a statement or offer a design whose meaning is as instantly understood. The message is so simple and clear that even young children have "explained" to me that the prejudice "doesn't fit inside the heart." And yet, the big red heart is inviting and non-confrontational. It is a perfect balance of sweet and loving, and in-your-face.
  • COEXIST T-shirt

    SKU: ts-coexist
    This is not the first Coexist T-Shirt created, but it may be the nicest, using six religious symbols and the ecology symbol to spell out COEXIST.   The Coexist image has become instantly recognized as a plea for religious tolerance, cooperation and respect. By adding the ecology symbol, it extends the idea of respect and interdependence to include the earth itself. Available in Black in adult and youth sizes.
  • World Citizen T-Shirt

    SKU: ts-221
    The world is shrinking and becoming more and more interconnected every day, making us all World Citizens. We can fight it, as some are, or embrace and celebrate our global heritage. If you believe that the earth is one country and all humans are its citizens, then wear this shirt with pride.

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