Interfaith Stoles and Scarves

Our stoles are often worn by speakers and others officiating at interfaith gatherings. Sometimes they are worn by an entire choir.

Both the stoles and scarves can be worn untied or with a loose knot for a more informal look.

  • SKU: SC-IF
    Interfaith Chaplains Stole / Clergy Stole A light-weight low-cost stole that you can wear when performing a religious service. It is a beautiful way to indicate that you are a chaplain who can offer spiritual comfort to people of any religious background. The nine different religious symbols in the rainbow-colored design let people know that you respect every faith tradition . Religions represented include: Christian, Jewish, Islam, Buddhism, Baha’i, Hinduism, Taoism, Sikh, and Native American religions.
  • SKU: SC-2
    Universal Interfaith Stole or Scarf in Silk Our 100% silk stoles are incredibly versatile. The multi-colored figures with their arms upraised can represent people singing, people praying, or just the diversity of humanity. They can be worn by individuals or purchased in bulk for choirs, divinity school graduations, or any other group that wants to present a coordinated image.
  • SKU: sc-10
    The soft spring colors and smiling birds make this a scarf that will brighten the day of everyone who wears it.  It is six-feet long and over a foot wide, so it can be worn in a variety of ways. $39.95
  • SKU: sc-18
    Gold on black is always in style, and this new 9-pointed star design by artist Joe Paczkowski really does look like liquid gold on a black background. The soft sheen of the 100% silk satin fabric just adds to the illusion of a beautiful piece of jewelry catching the light from a thousand candles.
  • SKU: sc-hand
    Our 100% silk chiffon “Love, Peace & Unity” scarf has a hand-rolled hem, the sign of a truly high-quality scarf. $39.95
  • SKU: sc-8
    This is our largest square scarf, designed by Baha'i pioneer and artist extraordinaire Joe Paczkowski from Finland.  It makes a wonderful head scarf, neckerchief, bandana and belt, but it is also so beautiful and radiant in iridescent satin that many people will want to simply hang it on their wall or drape it over the back of their couch.  It is that gorgeous. $46.95
  • SKU: sc-sn
    Our 100% silk chiffon “Love, Peace & Unity” scarf has a hand-rolled hem, the sign of a truly high-quality scarf. It is 6-foot by 13.5 inches with a hand-rolled hem that sings of quality. $39.95

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