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  • SKU: gc-vrc100
    Deck of 100 Virtue Reflection Cards in a free satin pouch. Each individual virtue card defines the meaning of the virtue, provides an inspirational quote, guides us in the practice of the virtue, and provides an affirmation to awaken and inspire the practice of virtue. $26.95
  • SKU: gc-fvc52
    Family virtues cards are the perfect family gift. This deck of 52 virtues cards is not only a handy reference guide, but by focusing on a different card every day or every week, you will quickly gain a greater understanding of your spiritual capacities. Each card contains a spiritual quote, the meaning of the virtue, how to practice the virtue and an affirmation. $17.95
  • SKU: mr-207
    Every child is a brilliant star mirror is bright and colorful. It reminds us that all children have the unique potential to shine brightly. We remember that every child has value. Every child has gifts to be nurtured. When those gifts are nurtured, every child shines brightly. The Every child is a brilliant star pocket mirror is 2 1/4" diameter. $3 each
  • SKU: cr-vc
    This set of 52 wooden Character Coins will help you focus on the virtues you want to develop in yourself and in your children. Sold in a cloth bag along with a list of definitions. $34.95
  • SKU: gc-cvc52
    Deck of 52 classroom virtues cards describes 52 virtues that are valued by all cultures as the content of our character. Each card has a beautiful photographic illustration of the virtue in practice. Each card contains the meaning of a virtue, signs of success in practicing the virtue, and an affirmation for growing that virtue. $17.95
  • SKU: mr-231
    When we look at ourselves in the mirror, it is good to be reminded that we are all related - that we are all children of the same God and that we all reflect the same Divine Light. This makes a sweet gift. The design is very artistic and the phrase "We are all related" is in both English and Lakota Sioux. They are 2 1/4" diameter $4
  • SKU: mr-21
    When you look in the mirror, do you see a World Citizen? Now you will! The World Citizen pocket mirror makes a nice small gift. 2 1/4" diameter $3
  • SKU: mr-if
    Symbols from six world religions with text that says: One Light, Many Mirrors - One God, Many Paths 2 1/4" diameter $3
  • SKU: PP-IF
    Interfaith Golden Rule Poster-Pamphlet This letter-sized interfaith Golden Rule design includes a version of the Golden Rule as expressed in six of the world's major religions - Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and the Baha'i Faith - along with a colorful rainbow rosette of religious symbols on the front. The back has an interfaith quiz of quotations that invites people to guess which quotation came from which religion. There are seven different topics, with 5-6 quotations each, from all the major religions' holy scriptures.
  • SKU: air-1
    The front of this interfaith air freshener says “A Rose is beautiful in whatsoever garden it may bloom.”  The back has the interfaith rosette. Together they make a powerful statement about the oneness of religion. Use them as a subtle teaching tool that will literally “hang around” for a long time, or just use them yourself to create a more soothing atmosphere.
  • SKU: JY-BR-C
    One of the Bible's most inspiring verses is inscribed on this adjustable wrap-around ring. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to myself; that where I am, there you may be also. 
    An affordable gift to help children who are sick or distressed feel calm, brave, and loved. Perfect for hospitals & foster care facilities.
    A combination of worry stones and affirmations, these Comfort Coins were designed to help people calm their emotions and strengthen the virtues they need when dealing with stressful situations. They are great gifts for hospitals and therapeutic settings.

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