When you need to comfort or inspire a lot of people on a small budget, our paper bookmarks are an excellent option. They are easy to carry, useful, and uplifting.

Our metal bookmarks make special gifts for one person, a guest panel, or an entire class.

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    “One of the most important ingredients for any marriage is the commitment by both parties to growth. This book enables couples to explore the true meaning of growth based on the development of character qualities and virtues. It is set out in a very clear and readable way with the addition of exercises to practice the relevant skills.”
  • Coexist Bookmarks

    Bookmarks are considered thoughtful gifts, and our low bulk pricing means you can give them out to everyone in your organization, or whoever passes by your display. This two-sided Coexist bookmark places the stark black & white design against a bright rainbow background to draw maximum attention when placed on an information table.
  • Golden Rule Bookmarks

    Golden Rule Bookmarks These two-sided bookmarks have six versions of the Golden Rule from six major religions on one side - Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and the Baha'i Faith. On the reverse is the inspiring quotation "Be generous in prosperity...." They make excellent low-cost gifts for guests at any interfaith event.  
    Interfaith Prayer for Healing Bookmarks When people are sick, their thoughts turn to God, the Source of all healing. One side of our new bookmark offers comforting assurances from the scriptures of eight religions. The other side weaves together key phrases from these verses to create a single uplifting prayer for healing that will resonate with members of any religion. Gloss-coated bookmarks are beautiful, durable, easy to carry, and offer long-lasting solace for the price of a few aspirin. They are a way to touch hearts, offer hope and uplift spirits that will be remembered with gratitude by all who receive them.
  • SKU: BKMK-JY-2
    The interfaith medallion at the top is gold with six rich cloisonné enamel colors, making it a lovely gift for members of the clergy, seminary students, members of interfaith groups, and speakers at interfaith gatherings. It works equally well for men and women, young and old. This is also a great graduation gift.

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