Interfaith Bags

Whether you are carting around groceries, songbooks, lesson plans or chaplains supplies, these handy bags will share a message of joy and inclusivity.

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    This colorful garden flag can also hang on your front door. It says: "To every human being must ye be infinitely kind."  12" x 18"
    Carry kindness and sunshine in your heart. Carry everything else in this beautiful and durable canvas tote bag.
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    The World Citizen Wide-Top Tote Bag is gusseted, with an 8x12" bottom and flared sides that spread to 20" wide and 13" tall.
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    We sometimes include these satin pouches with pendant and chain orders, but if you want to make sure you get one (especially if you are only ordering a pendant without a chain) then order it here. It is 2x2.5" - just big enough for a pendant or pendant and chain. We have them in black, maroon, gold and silver.

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