Interfaith Bags

Whether you are carting around groceries, songbooks, lesson plans or chaplains supplies, these handy bags will share a message of joy and inclusivity.

  • SKU: IF-2
    Our new printing of the large Interfaith Tote Bag is brighter than the original. This versatile bag is 6x13x12" with three pockets on each end. The popular interfaith rosette design in full color on the front is bright and bold and sure to draw questions and comments wherever you use it. $12 each
  • SKU: tb-21
    The World Citizen Wide-Top Tote Bag is gusseted, with an 8x12" bottom and flared sides that spread to 20" wide and 13" tall.
  • SKU: JY-G
    We sometimes include these satin pouches with pendant and chain orders, but if you want to make sure you get one (especially if you are only ordering a pendant without a chain) then order it here. It is 2x2.5" - just big enough for a pendant or pendant and chain. We have them in black, maroon, gold and silver.

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