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Teaching Peace – Award winning and ever popular classic by Red Grammer


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If you have kids, then Red Grammer’s Teaching Peace music cd is probably one of your all-time favorite children’s CDs. There are clips of each song below. Give a listen to ‘I think you’re wonderful’ because that is my favorite, and my message to you.

Teaching Peace has always been a top hit and you might hear it played in museums and other public venues. My favorite has always been shake your brain. When a kid in my family was so frustrated that they began to lose it, I would say, “you gotta shake your brain and figure it out. There’s no need to scream and shout, you gotta work that thing that thing you’ve got upstairs, you’ve gotta activate what’s under your hair.” Of course now my kids are older and I say it to myself when I have to learn something new.

If you want each song to relate to a single important virtue. Check out Red’s Be Bop Yourself music CD.

Track Listing
Each sample is 1/4 of the song rendered at 64kbps (radio quality) – the full songs are CD quality.

1. Teaching Peace – sample
2. Places in the World – sample
3. Say Hi! – sample
4. I Think You’re Wonderful – sample
5. Rapp Song – sample
6. Barnyard Boogie – sample
7. Hooray for The World – sample
8. With Two Wings – sample
9. Use a Word – sample
10. See Me Beautiful – sample
11. Shake Your Brain – sample
12. Listen – sample

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