Spring Equinox is March 19th. It marks the midpoint between the longest and shortest days of the year. You may not know the date, but you probably do something to celebrate spring.  This may be why so many religious, cultural and national celebrations are coming soon.

Everybody Welcome front

Everybody Welcome front

We are celebrating by making our spring Everyone Welcome Flag 20% off. We make two kinds – a door flag and a thicker garden version. If you want people to feel welcome, this is the way to do it. Have faith, the current social distancing advisories will eventually be over, and you will be ready.


Caesar choose to make the first day of the new year of his calendar fall on March 25. And it is interesting that so many holidays like Easter and Passover fall just about this time, (although this year both are in April).

List of Celebrations

Many celebrations and traditions are scheduled close to this time. Here are a few.

Purim is celebrated by Jews from March 9th to the 10th. Gifts of food and drink are exchanged. There is a celebratory meal and a public reading of the scroll of Esther.

Holi is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated primarily in India. It celebrates not only the arrival of spring but victory of good over evil. This is a day for spreading happiness and love. Many college groups hold an event open to everyone on campus. Watch for that about March 9th.

For Bahais, the first day of Spring is also the beginning of the new year.  Called Naw-Ruz, it will be celebrated this year from sunset on Thursday March 19th until sundown of the following day. Likewise, Nowrus is the Iranian festival of spring, celebrated this year on March 20. Often local communities host a party open to the public at these events.

The Songkran Water Festival in Thailand is about cleaning, purification and making a fresh start.

Cimburijada in Bosnia is celebrated by scrambling eggs and having breakfast with your neighbors. I’m tempted to talk my family into adopting that one.

Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake is celebrated in Gloucester, England. Finally we can’t forget the White House Easter Egg Roll. (Please don’t roll your eyes.)

And what do you do?

Everyone finds a way to celebrate the arrival of spring. We do it as a culture. We do it as individuals. Many of us celebrate long traditions. Most of us kick up our heels on a nice day. Maybe we’ll have to find a way to celebrate alone for the next week or so this year. But consider celebrating spring this year by putting out one of our garden flags to let people know you celebrate everyone. Or comment and let me know something special you do to celebrate spring.