The first day of Spring is a special time that is celebrated by many different religions. In a world where religion is often used as an excuse to divide people, now is a good time to focus on our similarities and encourage people to come together.

Our “Welcome Everybody” garden flag is an easy way to let people know that everyone is welcome in your home, your place of worship, your university, and yes, your garden. It is also available as a door flag. Both are on sale this week for 15% off. Use coupon code “spring” at checkout.

If you would like to be a little more direct in your message, we also have interfaith flags, World Citizen flags, No Room for Prejudice yard signs, and Golden Rule wall hangings. Visit our flag page to see them all.

I hope the weather in your area allows you to enjoy the day. May we all praise the Creator for the beautiful world we’ve been given.