Interfaith Rings

Interfaith Rings

Interfaith Rings
Interfaith Rings

This multi-faith adjustable wrap-around ring includes the religious symbols of eight major religions – Christianity, Judaism,  Buddhism, Sikh, Hinduism, Islam, Baha’i Faith and Taoism.

Anyone who believes in interfaith fellowship will find this ring to be an excellent and elegant conversation piece. With both the cross and the Baha’i star featured prominently on either end, anyone who glances at it will instantly realize that it is not your average religious ring.

It is cast from .925 silver and then finished in three different ways:

  • The oxidized silver has a more rustic look and feel, with the designs standing out nicely against the dark gray background.
  • The one plated with 22k gold could pass for a wedding ring. It is a very classic look, but the symbols are a little harder to see.
  • For a balance between classic gold and very visible symbols, choose the one that is placed and then accented with black to make the symbols stand out. The black will not scratch off.

The three different finishes will match any style or outfit. Get one of each, and switch them out depending on the occasion. (Put them in your cart one at a time.)

The unique wrap-around design makes it fully adjustable to almost any adult finger. The cast silver is thin enough to be adjusted to any size with a little effort, but thick enough to hold its shape once you find the right size.

Don’t wait to order. We have a limited supply of each of the three finishes on hand.

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