In the next two months there will be multiple opportunities to get family and friends together. Life Dice is a great way to get conversations rolling between generations.
Two dice, six questions and six ways to answer create dozens of combinations to get you thinking, talking and laughing together. This is a nice alternative to the annual “what are you grateful for this year.”Of course, they are also great ice breakers for office parties, group therapy sessions, and any other time people need a non-threatening way to get to know each other better.
All of the questions relate to meaningful experiences and will help people get to know each other better and feel closer.
HOW you answer is as much fun as WHAT you answer, with “sing or chant” being my favorite.
It is always wise to have a box of crayons handy whenever kids come to visit. Our Color with Character Crayons teach the names and definitions of virtues while kids use their favorite colors of crayons.
Note: these and Life Dice are both available at our sister site, Click the link or pictures to visit. 
And what better book to color than our Animals Building Character Activities and Coloring Book!  There are enough activities for a wide range of kids to keep them busy an entire holiday weekend. Send it home with them for the ride home too!
Like the crayons above, these are only available at our sister site, Click the link or pictures to visit.