If you provide spiritual and emotional care to others, you are serving humanity.  In these troubled times you might find that providing support for those on the front lines is taking more of your effort than praying with and for the sick.

Let’s take a moment to be grateful for out healthcare workers. This post is a compilation of prayers to help you connect and comfort healthcare workers. Most are from the Christian tradition and I’ve changed some of the words to make them more universal for interfaith use. There are healthcare workers in every religious community. You can look at the find the original if you prefer through the link.

Prayers for Caregivers:

O God, we thank you for our healthcare systems and those who work in them. We pray for healthcare workers known to us that through their love and compassion, those who are vulnerable and needy might come to know healing and peace in their lives. We pray for those who have to make difficult decisions about resources or treatments that they will do so with care and integrity. Love, continue your ministry of healing in the lives of those who are broken, vulnerable and in need.

Oh God, be with doctors, nurses and carers as they act as agents of your healing touch. In desperate times, keep them strong yet loving; and when their work is done, be with them in their weariness and in their tears.

Reference – Kingdom People

Righteous God, I thank You for every healthcare worker and I declare that You are their strength and song. You have become their salvation; You are their God and we will praise You. Father I pray that You will be the God of the people every healthcare worker cares for. Lord, despite the trials they may face in their career, the fact still stands that You are their matchless God. You give internal peace when life pushes them towards anxiety. There is none like You, Amen.

Glory to God! Lord, the scripture says that You are the Lord my God who goes with us to fight against our enemies. You are with every healthcare worker in their battles and thank You for being our Divine Conqueror! Father it is also You who gives us the victory, because it is You who wears the Victor’s Crown. Therefore, from the assurance of Your word, we know and are assured that we will never lose or fail, Amen.

Reference – 7 Inspirational Prayers for Healthcare Workers

Great Father in heaven, today I come to You and ask for Your godly wisdom to be imparted to the doctor(s) involved and that You grant them the wisdom to make good, sound decisions and to use their experience and education to bring about the best possible outcome and quickest possible recovery so that they can return home again to their loved ones. Sometimes doctors face difficult decisions and have to determine the best avenue in fighting an illness or disease and so please help them in that decision making process and grant them the wisdom that is from above and that is Your wisdom and so in the precious name of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ I pray, amen.

Great and Merciful Father, full of compassion, You have made each one of us in the image of God and I pray that You would help all of the staff in preserving the lives for which they are entrusted with. Help them in the duties that they are responsible for and so I pray that you bless the technicians, the nursing staff, lab workers, those in radiology, the insurance handlers, the doctors, and all of the medical staff that will be involved in each person’s care. Bless them as they all work together for one common purpose and that is to care for each patient under their watch. This I ask in the beloved name of the Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, amen.

Reference – Jack Wellman

Dear Lord,

Today, we pray for your peace. We pray that the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard the hearts and minds of ____.  We also ask for courage. We remember that God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind.  Please, grant ____ your spirit of courage. Grant them a sound mind as they make decisions. We pray for all the physicians, nurses, and health care providers involved in this situation. May they be blessed with the wisdom and grace needed to provide the best care possible.

In His name,


Reference – Advent Health

Prayers for Healing:

I’m also including a couple of my personal favorites from the Interfaith Resources Book of Comfort & Healing. They are general prayers for healing, rather than for caregivers. Next week we will send you additional prayers for personal healing from many faith traditions.


O God, remove the hardship, O Lord of mankind, grant cure for You are the Healer. There is no cure but from You, a cure which leaves no illness behind. –  from the Islam tradition

O Almighty God, may my tongue be ever-blessed with the power of speech, may my nostrils be blessed with healthy and vital air, may be eyes be blessed with the perfect power of sight, ears with the perfect power of hearing, arms with strength, legs with vitality. May all the parts of my body be in perfect health  – from the Hindu tradition

May all beings everywhere plagued with sufferings of body and mind quickly be freed from their illness. May those frightened cease to be afraid, and may those bound be free. May the powerless find power, and may people think of befriending one another. May those who find themselves in trackless, fearful wilderness – the children, the aged, the unprotected – be guarded by beneficent celestials, and may they swiftly attain enlightenment. – from the Buddhist tradition

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